Spring is (Almost) Here!

Even though the first day of Spring technically isn’t until March 20, this weekend definitely made it seem like Winter is finally over.  Even though Atlanta weather is definitely milder than a lot of places, like my hometown for example, there were quite a few days when I was downright miserable.  Last year I only had to break out my heavy winter coat a few times; this year I’ve worn some type of coat almost every day since New Year’s.  But no longer!  Unless I’m jinxing myself, it looks like warmer weather is here to stay.

I’ve been meaning to redecorate the wreath hanging on our front door for quite a few weeks now–it seems like dark red foliage is just no longer appropriate.  I finally got the chance to on Saturday when Drew and I were running errands and stopped by Michael’s.  I’m pretty proud of how it turned out!  Hopefully I can keep it up well into the summer months before I get the urge to update it again.


After running errands, we relaxed for the rest of the afternoon before going to our friend Elle’s house to help celebrate her birthday.  It was a lot of fun to hang out with our house church friends, as well as meet some new people.  We didn’t stay out too late, knowing that the time change would make it extra hard to get up the next morning.  Even though we only lose an hour, I feel like the entire next day is just thrown out of whack.  Thankfully we had a pretty relaxing Sunday, attending church then heading to Piedmont Park for a picnic with friends.  The weather was still a bit chilly, but it was wonderful being able to spend time outside and soak up the sunshine.  Hopefully there will be a lot more picnics in our near future!


I spent the rest of Sunday making cake balls for a baby shower/birthday celebration at work.  It wasn’t any easier this time around than the first time I made them.  I don’t know how places like Starbucks make them look so flawless because mine sure didn’t.  Drew is convinced they use an automated machine and that there isn’t some actual person out there cranking out perfect cake ball after perfect cake ball.  I like his thinking.  But if there is, I want to beat them up.  And them make them teach me how to make the perfect cake ball.

cakeballs1 cakeballs2









At least they tasted good. Really good.


2 thoughts on “Spring is (Almost) Here!

    • Rachel-I’ve made them several times and unfortunately they always don’t turn out very pretty, but they always taste good! I’ve found that making sure the cake has cooled completely really does help. I’ve also heard of people using cream cheese instead of frosting. Not sure if that would make it stick together any better but I’d say it’s worth a try!

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