Superbowl XLVII

As an avid pro football fan, Sunday afternoons during the months September through February are some of my favorites out of the entire year.  As a loyal Bengals fan, they can also be downright maddening.  Not too surprisingly, the Bengals didn’t make it very far this year, albeit they did play better than the year before.  At this rate, they’ll make it to the Superbowl by the time my 80th birthday rolls around.  Thanks to my husband, at least I’ll have an awesome jersey to wear for when that day comes.

My wonderful birthday present from Drew. Who Dey!

My wonderful birthday present from Drew. Who Dey!

All that being said, I was still very much looking forward to this year’s Superbowl.  Besides March Madness, it is my favorite sporting event to watch.  The good eats, fantastically creative commercials and time spent with friends doesn’t hurt either.  This year more than a dozen of us gathered at our friends Lance and Shelly’s apartment for the festivities.  My mind still wasn’t made up as to who to cheer for, but I figured San Francisco was a safe bet.  It didn’t take long to realize that I’d be the only person in a room of 16 cheering for the men in red.  Fair enough.  At least I hate plenty of salsa and guacamole to hide behind.  And Drew’s infamous homemade garlic buttered rolls.  We’ve quickly learned in our circle of friends, if ever we need to bring a side dish or snack, we better have several dozen of those rolls in tow.


Drew’s famous garlic rolls and football pumpkin whoopie pies. We’re ready for some football!

Since we had predominantly Packers and Falcons fans in the house, the game itself wasn’t the main focus of the night.  Instead we had more fun filling out a bracket where we had to guess things like “how many times would Psy be featured in a commercial” (only once, thank heavens) or “would Alicia Keys forget a word while singing the National Anthem.”  As someone who works in the advertising industry, I always pay special attention to the commercials.  It was a tough call, but I think my favorite ad of the night was Budweiser’s “Brotherhood” spot.  I’m usually easily won over by the shamelessly funny or ridiculously awkward commercials but the Clydesdale stole my heart this year.

Of course I have to mention the stadium blackout that happened soon into the second half.  Years ago I think we all would have been much more bothered by the pause in the game, and may have even switched the channel.  Or just flocked to the kitchen and loaded up on a third plate of food. Last night, the majority of us took to our smartphones and began scrolling through our Twitter feeds.  Not surprisingly, in freakishly fast social media fashion, a Twitter account @superbowllights was created and had over 15,000 followers within minutes.  Even more notable was a tweet from @Oreo:


Drew and I, the arguably biggest social media enthusiasts in the room (and not just because it’s our livelihood), weren’t the only ones talking about it.  I think the entire room was impressed, not to mention wanted a tall glass of milk and a handful of America’s favorite cookie.  Advertisers pay several million dollars for a 30-second spot in the Superbowl commercial lineup; Oreo paid nothing for that tweet and got just arguably as much, if not more, exposure.

With another football season come and gone, it’s time to get ready for March Madness in the Hawkins household.  Unfortunately, I think it’s safe to say that Drew and I won’t be making a repeat appearance to see our Wildcats play in the Elite Eight, but stranger things have happened.  And with a guy rocking a flat top ala Fresh Prince or Bel Air on your team, all bets are off.


One thought on “Superbowl XLVII

  1. Well Megs, it’s official…I did not pick one winner in any of the playoff games, once we got past the Wild Card games. That’s 0-7. Good thing I don’t bet on football games. LOL

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