It’s Been a While…

Before I began writing this, I scrolled to see when the last time I posted here was. Wow, needless to say, this blog post is long overdue.  I don’t know what exactly caused me to stop blogging regularly, or if it can really be pinpointed to one thing in particular.  And it seemed that the longer the lapse grew, the easier it was to keep putting it off, saying I can always just start writing again tomorrow.  Or the next day.  Or even the day after that.  My blog, my rules.  The rest of 2012 came and went and still no sign of life on The I Do Diaries.  I don’t like making New Year resolutions, but I do want 2013 to be the year I get my blogger butt back in gear.

When I first started this blog just a few weeks into Drew’s and my marriage, I long contemplated the name “The I Do Diaries.”  Obviously married life and the role of wife were completely foreign to me, so I wanted to capture it as best, and authentically, as I could. Admittedly it seemed a little self-absorbed and egotistical, but as my Dad told me over the phone just a few days ago when I told him I was planning to get back into blogging, “What blog isn’t?”  Fair enough.  Still, I’m so glad that for the first year of our marriage, I kept a pretty thorough documentary of our new life together.  I like to think of it as a sort of virtual diary, from which I’ll be able to look back on and remember some of the greatest moments and “firsts” we shared together.  This thought is ultimately what has brought me back to the world of blogging.

So even though, by society’s standards, Drew and I are no longer considered newlyweds, and it might not be as poignant to blog about our experiences and man and wife, there are still many, many firsts that we have yet to encounter.  Buying a house.  Moving.  Starting a family.  Rescuing another animal from a kill shelter. Inevitable job shifts and career changes.  Traveling the world.  Not simply entertaining the idea of starting my own small baking business, but actually doing it.  Sculpting a life-size model of Bob Ross made completely out of cheese.  (That last one is a joke, but I’m sure Drew would be a willing party).  The fact of the matter is, every morning when our alarm clock goes off at 6 A.M., we are making a conscious choice to say “I Do.”  As a married gal of a year and a half, I can say without a doubt that it’s the easiest decision I get to make every day.  Everyone calls the first year or two the “honeymoon” phase but as Drew and I talk about the big life events looming ever closer, I am convinced that the best years are still to come.

I don’t want to end this post by saying that I’ll blog about “such and such” and reach a certain quote each week.  It doesn’t seem authentic, and I don’t want to put myself in a box.  That would completely take the fun out of blogging for me.  Besides, to be honest, we don’t lead that exciting of lives.  I could spent the next several posts catching up on what has happened in the past 5 months, but that just seems like a waste of time.  If you do need a refresher, stalk me on Facebook.  Or Twitter.  Or Instagram.  For a self-proclaimed shy, introverted person, I sure do have a lot to say.


2 thoughts on “It’s Been a While…

  1. Just to be clear, I said that blogging, tweeting, facebooking and staring at one’s smart phone while other people are at the table, are ALL self absorbed. (and as far as the phone goes, RUDE). LOL. But, like you Mom said, keep writing. The rest of us will enjoy reading


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