Vampires, date night and farmer’s markets (just another weekend in the ATL)

t’s been a great weekend in Atlanta!  We’ve got several big trips coming up within the next month, so it’s been nice to relish the city the past couple of days.  Awhile back, Drew read the book Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter after several of his co-workers recommended it.  I remember lying in bed one night doing a crossword, and Drew was reading on his Kindle. After telling me the name of the book, I couldn’t stop laughing.  It sounded like a really bad historical spoof, or an even worse joke on Drew’s part.  He actually really enjoyed the book and after reading it, discovered that there was going to be a movie adaptation released this summer.  I didn’t have any interest in reading the book but I humored him by watching the trailer online.  I was surprised to find at the end I was telling Drew “I wanna see that!”  So yesterday, we headed over to the theatre at Atlantic Station to see the movie.

Drew happy as a little kid on Christmas morning, posing with his beer growler.

The movie was just as good as the trailer promised it would be, even if it did stray from the book quite a bit. Unbeknownst to me, of course, but Drew said the ending was very different, and better, in the book.  We still really enjoyed it, and it was refreshing to not have a bunch of big celebrity names headlining.  After the movie and a quick late afternoon nap, we headed out to dinner for our usual Saturday date night.  Aside from last week, the past several weeks we’d been out of town traveling and hadn’t had our weekly outing.  It’s something we look forward to during the week, and we always attempt to try a new restaurant…bonus if there’s outdoor seating.  This time we chose Zocalo and since it’s only a short distance from our apartment, we walked there.  We sat on an outdoor patio and enjoyed tacos, enchiladas and of course, margaritas. After dinner we headed to Hop City so Drew could fill up his beer growler and then headed home for a few more drinks and episodes of Breaking Bad, our new Netflix discovery.

This morning after church and a lunch at Willy’s with two couples from our house church (I don’t think there’s such a thing as too much Mexican food in one weekend), we headed on to our next new adventure: the Dekalb Famer’s Market.  We’d been told so many great things about it from so many of our friends, we almost felt like Atlanta was hiding a well-kept secret from us.  The market is located in Decatur so it’s a bit tucked away from the hustle and bustle of city life.  We met up with our friend Rene and as we entered the market, both our jaws dropped.  This place is huge! It’s probably double in size of Findlay Market, which Mom and Dad frequent back in Cincinnati.

Dekalb Farmer’s Market. This photo doesn’t do the size of the place justice!

Drew and I didn’t really have a list or a game plan, and had fun just wandering around the aisles.  We picked up quite a few goodies, and said multiple times that we’d have to make another pilgrimage ASAP.  We always enjoy our trips to Decatur, like eating at Farm Burger, and always comment on how we could picture ourselves moving there, buying a house and starting a family one day.  It’s the perfect combination of both worlds: city life and suburbia.  That’s probably still a little ways down the road, but it’s fun to start thinking about now and envisioning what our future first home will be like.

Our farmer’s market finds.

It’s a short work week for us–we’ll be driving to North Carolina Thursday night to spend a long weekend with my parents.  It’ll be our first time back since our last-minute-change-of-plans-honeymoon.  It’ll be a whole new adventure bringing Theo with us. I can’t wait to see him running around the beach, splashing in the ocean and (hopefully not) drinking the salt water.  It’ll be the perfect short and sweet getaway, and a nice way to lead up to the Fourth of July holiday.  I don’t see how it could be any hotter there than it is in Atlanta, but it’ll be nice to get a few days’ worth of sunshine on this pale legs of mine!


2 thoughts on “Vampires, date night and farmer’s markets (just another weekend in the ATL)

  1. Looks like a fun day at the Farmer’s Market! Safe travels to the beach! Be sure to take pics of Theo on the beach. Jim, Smokey and me will be heading to the Smoky Mountains next week. If you are looking for something fun to do July 4th, Stone Mountain has a neat fourth of July celebration. You picnic in the evening on the lawn and enjoy a laser show on the mountain along with fair works. I think at one time the Atlanta Symphony would perform before the laser show but that may have since changed up a bit!

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