Wedding Season, Take 2 (and another trip to Kentucky!)

I said it before and I’ll say it again: wedding season has arrived!  Back in late April, Drew and I attended our first wedding of the year.  This past weekend, we headed back to Louisville for another wedding.  Valerie and Mitch, friends from WKU, tied the knot on June 9th.  What made it extra special was seeing a lot of close friends I hadn’t seen in a while.  Chelsea and Karly, along with several other people that I hadn’t seen since my last time on the hill, were also attending.

Thanks once again to the horror that is Atlanta rush-hour traffic, we didn’t reach Nanny and Granddaddy’s house until after midnight.  Saturday morning we met up with Bethany and Andrew for breakfast and McDonald’s.  Granddaddy told me the story of how he’d take his grandchildren Bryan and Bethany to McDonald’s almost every Saturday morning, and it became a family tradition of sorts.  It was great to catch up with Bethany and Andrew, and of course I was happy to get my iced coffee fix.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty laid-back until it was time to get ready for the wedding.  Taking a cue from a sorority formal several years ago (one of Drew’s and my first dates, actually), we decided to match and both wear green.  This definitely brought back memories! On our way to the venue, I actually plugged in the wrong GPS and we got way off-track.  After realizing the mistake, we booked it to the reception (thanks to Drew’s awesome driving skills) with literally no minutes to spare.  Nervous that we’d be caught at the “late guests” since the ceremony was outside, Drew and I quietly made our way to the back, where we watched the ceremony unfold from the back porch.

The beautiful bride and handsome groom. Congrats, Mr. and Mrs. Kaiser!

After the ceremony, we went inside what looked like a renovated old country mansion.  It had a beautiful wrap around porch and the reception area was decorated simply but beautifully.  Burlap covered the tablecloths and beautiful peach-colored sashes were tied on the backs of all the chairs.  The centerpieces consisted of lanterns and scattered rose petals.  We marveled at the candy bar consisting of dozens of green and orange-colored goodies (and definitely filled up swag bags later in the evening).

Overall the wedding was absolutely beautiful.  Valerie and Mitch looked so happy and it was definitely a magical night.  We all took advantage of the nice weather, enjoying being outside on the wrap-around porch and visiting the zebras and llamas on the farm next door.  I wore by wedding shoes (I’m determined to get several more uses out of them!) and by the end of the night my feet were aching from all the dancing.  After saying our goodbyes, Drew and I headed back to Nanny and Granddaddy’s house to spend a little bit more time with them before we all headed to bed.

Meeting Mom and Dad for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Guess it would have been easier to get a picture of all three of us together, huh? 🙂

Sunday morning Drew and I had plans to meet my Mom and Dad for brunch, just like we did on the way home from Evan and Danielle’s wedding.  Chelsea and Karly were also able to join us which was a nice little treat.  After a big breakfast at Cracker Barrel, Mom and Dad came back to the house for a bit to visit with Theo.  They hadn’t seen him since Christmas and were amazed at just how big he’s gotten these past several months.  Before hitting the road, Mom and Dad loaded us up with lots of yummy goodies and treats for Theo.  Thanks again you two, Drew and I are looking forward to the many good eats 🙂

After being out of town for the past three weekends, I’m definitely ready to stay put in Atlanta for a while.  It’s been nice to go back to Kentucky and see friends and family as much as we have, but it’ll also be nice not to have to travel anywhere for a while.  Our plans for the upcoming weekend include a long-overdue date night, a visit to the dog park for Theo and hopefully a Sunday afternoon outing with the couples from our house church.  The next time we travel will be the weekend leading up to Fourth of July when we go for a long weekend to my parent’s house in North Carolina.  By then I’m sure we will be ready for a weekend of relaxation at the beach!


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