Whirly Ball and #4sqdayATL!

This past weekend was the perfect combination of relaxation and excitement.  After doing a bit—and I mean a very small bit—of spring cleaning early Saturday morning, we vegged out in front of the tv watching movies the rest of the afternoon.  That evening we headed out to Roswell, an area neither one of us is very familiar with, to hang out with the house church group, as well as my co-worker Joel and his fiancée Becky.  I had yet to meet Becky, but had heard so much about her from Joel (and vise-versa me telling Joel about Drew all the time) so it was great once the four of us were finally able to meet!

First up was dinner at a pizza place, one that I think it’s safe to say Drew and I will never be returning to.  The pizza was only so-so and the service wasn’t that great.  Now that I think about it, that’s really the only negative restaurant experience we’ve had since living in Atlanta, if you don’t count the time Noodle ran out of silverware.  And I don’t really, because every other time we’ve been there has been nothing but wonderful.  I still consider it to be one of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta.

After dinner, we all headed to Whirly Ball for the night’s main event.  It’s hard to describe what exactly Whirly Ball is, so I’ll let this video speak for itself.  Essentially, it’s a combination of bumper cars and Jai-Alai.  The first few rounds were guys vs. guys and girls vs. girls and while we watching the guys go first, I have to admit I was a little nervous.  It looked pretty brutal out there, running full speed into walls while 10 people fight for one ball.  Turns out I was a lot better than I thought I would be, and I even scored a goal!  In a final round of the girls vs. guys, the girls emerged victorious (girl power!!) It was easily the most fun I’ve had in a long time, and the Groupon deal that we scored lasts throughout May, so I think a group of us are already planning a return trip.  Did I mention the place had a bar?

We enjoyed a leisurely Sunday, attending church that morning and heading home for brunch. Then we headed to Starbucks for coffee, which has become a reoccurring theme for us.  There is something so calming and relaxing about spending a Sunday afternoon holed up inside a coffee cup.  I’ve also recently discovered the iced skinny mocha, which will be my drink of choice now that the weather is getting a little too warm for a hot cup of coffee.  I’m sure Drew would disagree and say that anytime is the right time for coffee (including 4 p.m. at work).  The night wrapped up with a walk to get soft serve ice cream for Theo, and a delicious dinner including Drew’s famous macaroni and cheese.  Yum!

SweetWater Brewing Company, location for the Atlanta Foursquare Day meetup.

Yesterday, 4/16, was National Foursquare Day. If you own a smartphone, you’ve probably hear of this app and maybe even use it.  If you don’t (ahem, Mom and Dad), the majority of this paragraph will probably confuse you.  One of Drew’s co-workers, Chad, is a hardcore Foursquare enthusiast and put a meet-up event together at Sweet Water Brewing Company.  Drew and I bought tickets, and headed to the brewery for a few glasses of Blue, one of my new favorite beers, and some fun socializing.  We also scored commemorative pint glasses, tee shirts and koozies.  Scoutmob was there was again with their trademark mustaches.  They were at Engauge’s Fuel Innovation event that Drew spoke at last week as well. That’s the great thing about a city as big as Atlanta: there is always some cool, techy thing going on that Drew and I can both enjoy.

Drew and I sporting our Scoutmob mustaches.


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