Love and Pancakes

3 years ago today, Drew and I went on what can be called one of our first dates.  We would hang out often, but milkshake runs to Culver’s couldn’t exactly be called “dates.”  It was during that semester span that we tiptoed around the idea of being boyfriend and girlfriend.  We both liked each other, but didn’t know that the other one shared the same feelings.  To this day we joke about our countless chats on Facebook during that time.  Each night Drew would sign off by saying “see ya dude” or “later, pal” and I would run to my friend Chelsea’s dorm room and dramatically throw myself onto her bed, whining about how he only saw me as a friend, or worse, one of the guys.

Reminiscing aside, there was a day in February 2009 that we decided to take an impromptu hour-long drive to Nashville for.  February 28th, or National Pancake Day, to be exact.  IHOP was serving up a free stack of pancakes to each customer all day long.  Bowling Green has a lot of restaurants (more per mile than any other place in the country in fact), but it didn’t have an IHOP.  Drew offered to make the drive, and since I was eager to spend time with him, I came along.  So we made a two hour roundtrip all in the name of pancakes and maple syrup. Free pancakes, mind you.

Fast forward two and a half years later to WKU’s Homecoming this past fall and as Drew and I pulled into the parking lot of the hotel we were staying at the weekend, we spotted an IHOP being built. Immediately we both cracked up remembering our first date.  Who would have thought a fast food breakfast chain would bring back so many memories.

Today, February 28th, marks another National Pancake Day. I tweeted Drew yesterday, and we both were pretty bummed that we won’t be able to make it to our local IHOP tonight (there’s one less than a mile from our apartment). We have other plans, which we’re equally excited about, but it would have been fun to remember “the good old days” over a (free) stacks of pancakes and coffee.  2/28/2013, we’re ready for ya!


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