For the Love of Pinterest

Several months ago I discovered a little gem on the Internet knows as Pinterest.  Since then it has grown into one of my favorite websites.  I’m the kind of person who is visually inspired and has too many ideas rolling around her head at once, and Pinterest has been the perfect tool to reel it all in.  From home décor inspiration to the cutest pictures of pets, I love having one place to store all the things I love.  If you follow me on Twitter, or are my friend on Facebook, chances are you’ve seen me touting the wonders of the pinboard.

Drew has jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon with me.  Actually, he’s taken things a step further and created the overnight sensation Board of Man.  What started out jokingly as an “experiment” among several of his coworkers quickly grew into a craze that had a St. Louis news channel calling, and Twitter abuzz.  My Mom even used Board of Man as a type of case study to show to her high school students who are learning about the site.  Needless to say, the Hawkins are hardcore Pinterest fans.

While a lot of my pins are aspiring photos of rooms and décor in the dream house we’ll someday have, a lot of my boards are relevant to our lives right now.  I have quite a few boards dedicated to food and new recipes I want to try.  I probably have close to 500 pins of recipes varying from chicken casseroles to Oreo cupcakes to homemade coffee creamer.  I had gone months pinning recipes with abandon, while not actually cooking or baking anything.  At the beginning of 2012 I decided to start actually making the things that I’d pinned.  Since then, I’ve made at least 2 new dishes each week.  It’s something that I want to continue, incorporating new dishes into our weekly dinner rotation and discovering new favorites.

Below are all the recipes I’ve found via Pinterest and made for the two of us, or coworkers, or the couples in our house church.  Every dish has been a hit so far and we’ve definitely found a few recipes that will be regulars in our kitchen.  Here are links to all of the goodies I’ve made thus far:

Buffalo Chicken Casserole          PB&J Muffins               Baked Potato Soup






No-Bake Cookies       Chicken Fiesta Bake    Turkey Pumpkin Chili & Cheddar Jalapeno bread

If you’re not on Pinterest already, I’m assuming this blog post has inched you one step closer.  Enjoy! I feel like I should issue a warning, however: be prepared to spend hours upon hours of scouring through all the pins and boards…it’s quite addictive 😉


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