It’s A BOY!

Today we welcome a new addition to the Hawkins household.  After a lot of thinking, planning and of course, praying, Drew and I decided to adopt.  As I write this blog post, the cutest, most lovable pup is curled up at my feet.  That’s right, we decided to adopt a puppy.  I didn’t think the title would fool most people since a lot of you have already seen us tweet about Theo, or text a few photos.  Just last night while Drew and I were eating dinner, Theo nestled into his bed on the other side of the room, sprawled out with all fours hanging in the air.  Of course we had to take a picture of that.  Now I finally understand a bit more about what that “new mommy” feeling feels like.  Obviously not on as grand a scale as being a mom to a human, but for the next few years, Theo will indeed be our “child”, and will probably be treated and spoiled as such!

We’d been discussing getting a dog for weeks, but were hesitant to act until after the new year.  With all the holiday traveling we’d be doing, the last thing we wanted to do was kennel a dog a mere week or two after bringing him home.  With Drew being at home from work the entire week after Christmas, and both of our families being supportive of us bringing Theo to Kentucky for our visits, we decided to start looking.  Via Petfinder, we found a cute puppy named Bruce, and made plans to visit him at the weekly adoption day at Petsmart this past Sunday.  Two minutes with Bruce told us he was not the one for us; way to whiny, needy, and spastic.  A few crates down, I spotted a cute puppy, sitting calmly in the corner.  While all the people were enamored with Bruce and his cute puppy looks, I walked over to the black puppy with two beautiful, different colored eyes.

After taking Theo out of his crate and taking him for a walk around Petsmart (several people automatically assumed he was ours, we even got an offer to take a pet picture with Santa), we knew that he was the exact kind of dog we were looking for.  A lab/Australian shepherd mix, he was surprisingly laid-back and mellow.  He knew us a mere 10 minutes before he was sitting in our laps, lying on his back so we could give him a good belly rub, and licking our hands to death.  My heart melted right there on the sidewalk.  Drew started talking with the woman who we’d told we were originally interested in Bruce.  We found out that Theo’s foster mom would be in touch with us in a few days to set up a home visit.

This Wednesday night, Theo and his owner came over to our apartment.  It was great getting to see Theo again; those few days we went without seeing him were surprisingly hard.  I actively missed him; at my office I gushed about him, showing coworkers pictures of a dog that wasn’t even mine yet.  After a good home visit (minus a bathroom accident on the carpet-but we like to think that Theo was just as excited as we were), Theo was as good as ours.  Thursday night we spent about an hour in Petsmart, getting food, bedding and other supplies to anticipate Theo’s arrival.  After bringing him home last night and feeding him dinner for the first time, we quickly learned that he’s going to go through his food fast.  He is a growing pup after all!

So it’s official, Drew and I are now dog owners.  We’re so excited to be Theo’s owners, especially during this festive, happy time of year where everything feels magical.  Sure, we may feel the burn a bit more in our bank accounts, but Theo is more than worth it.  Knowing that we rescued him from a kill shelter makes us so happy, and we feel blessed that we have the opportunity to do so.  We’re even grateful to Bruce, that over crazed pup that ultimately led us to Theo.  As I finish writing this, Drew is getting ready to take Theo out for the fourth time this morning.  We’re determined to nip any future accidents right in the bud.  As we get ready to do our Christmas shopping today, I’m sure we’ll both be thinking of Theo and how quickly we can get home to him.  For the Hawkins family, Christmas came early this year.  Welcome to the family, Theo!


6 thoughts on “It’s A BOY!

  1. Congratulations on your new boy!!! He is adorable!! You will love him and will always get a great welcome when you get home!!

    • He’s a cute little guy. I am sure that you all will be good parents. It will be great to have him and you and Drew up to visit over Christmas. Drew will tell you I am very much a dog lover.

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