A Night at the Zoo

In addition to our adventures at the pumpkin patch this weekend, Drew and I also attended Jazzoo Atlanta Saturday night.  I’d been hearing about the event all week long on the radio but at $100 a pop, there was no way I was going to suggest we go.  On Friday, Drew won 2 tickets via a Twitter contest hosted by Scoutmob.  The first person to tweet a picture of a cute and cuddly zoo animal would win 2 tickets to the annual event.  Drew ended up winning the tickets!  Imagine my surprise when I’m scanning through my Twitter feed during my lunch break and see Scoutmob tweeting that my husband has won tickets to Jazzoo.  Things like that don’t happen too often, but it’s awesome when they do!

The evening featured 30 local restaurants offering samples of their menu staples, a dozen fully-stocked bars and entertainment acts like live jazz music and acrobats.  Not to mention the event was taking place among hundreds of zoo animals!  Proceeds benefitted the zoo and from the great turn out of people, I’d say it was a very successful event.  Drew and I went in jeans and sweaters, knowing it would get chilly once the sun went down.  As we arrived, people were stepping out of black limos, dressed in cocktail dresses and tuxedos.  We felt a little awkward at first but once we entered the zoo and got some food and drinks, we just let ourselves have fun and enjoy the evening.  Some people took the event very literally, dressing up in cat ears, tails and even full panda suits (see picture below).  It was clear that everyone was there for a good time, and to help support a very worthy cause.

With so many food vendors, it was impossible to try everything (although I really, really wanted to).  We mapped out the places we wanted to go to most and sampled a great variety of dishes.  Some of our favorite included grilled chicken tacos from Tin Lizzy’s,  shrimp and grits from Six Feet Under (where we plan on taking my parents for dinner when they visit next month!), BBQ from D.B.A., noodle bowls from Genki, and the cutest mini chocolate cupcakes from YumYum Cupcake.  Another highlight from the night was the cirque du soleil-esque performance that took place right in front of our table as we were eating. It amazes me how much upper body strength those men and women have.  I can’t imagine being able to hold myself up in thin air balancing on ropes that look thin as ribbon.

We left the zoo, hand in hand, with full bellies and completely exhausted from the busy day.   We definitely want to go back to the zoo when it’s daylight so we can see more of the animals.  And from the great tastings we had, we’ve added several restaurants to our “Must Try” list. That’s the great thing about Atlanta: there are so many new things to see and do.  I don’t think we’ll ever get tired of this city with a new adventure around every corner.  This weekend taught me how important it is to live in the moment and enjoy each day as it comes.  I can’t wait for the next free weekend where we really get to explore this great big city of ours.


3 thoughts on “A Night at the Zoo

  1. You really should be blogging for the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. Everything you post about this city makes me want to experience it. Oh, and your parents are looking forward to their visit next month (and to the line up great places you have planned to visit).

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