Nerdy Newlyweds

One of the greatest things about Drew’s and my relationship is that we’re genuinely interested in the same things.  While one couple’s dinner conversation may center around the must-see movie coming out that weekend or what’s going on the grocery list for that week, our conversation is much deeper and thought-provoking.  In a nut shell, we’re two big, geeky nerds.  For instance, on the 15-minute walk to dinner last night, we talked about social media and Facebook analytics.  And we enjoyed it.  Since we’re both in the same industry, and therefore have a circle of friends who also share these interests, there’s a level playing field for the both of us.  Never do I have to worry about Drew staring a hole through his dinner plate while I’m droning on and on about Twitter or my new obsession, Pinterest (unless he’s really, really tired).  We don’t have to pretend to be interested in what the other is saying; we truly are.

A lot of people, friends and family included, have asked us if being in the same line of work causes us to fight.  So far, so good.  Sure, we have debates, but that shows the passion and genuine interest that we have for our industry, as well as for our relationship.  I want to be with someone who constantly challenges me and makes me think outside the box; Drew is the same way.  Now, I’m sure there will come a time down the road where we get in a heated, geeky discussion–we’ve had plenty of Sprint vs. Verizon tiffs.  Things might escalate and I might even throw a pillow or try to lock Drew out of the bedroom (one of the joys of having a one-bedroom apartment).  Right now, however, we’re enjoying basking in our fabulous nerdiness.

Speaking of, last night Drew and I attended a techie + foodie’s dream event.  Scoutmob, which Drew and I have become huge fans of over the past month, has recently teamed up with Foodspotting to bring local deals to foodie photographers and enthusiasts.  The “eat-up” Mobspotting event took place last night at Steel, a Thai and sushi restaurant Drew and I discovered with another couple last week.  It was a great way to meet other locals who love trying new food and restaurants, then sharing their finds and recommendations with others.  Of course I took a snapshot of my picture-esque tuna tower.  It was my first time using Foodspotting—I thought the app was only available for iPhone users—and I’m excited to continue using it as a way to document my eating adventures throughout Atlanta.

In summary, when food and technology combine, it’s a beautiful thing.   Drew and I have discovered another fun thing we can share with each other.  After we left Steel and arrived back at our apartment, we started Netflix and watched the Season 1 finale of Mad Men.  We may be a few years late getting in on the action but I can honestly say that this show has quickly become one of my favorites.  It’s not often that you can come across a show that both man and wife equally enjoy.  Drew put up with me watching Project Runway for about two weeks, but I know he struggled through it.  Bless him.  Watching Mad Men late at night has become one of our rituals and it’s something that I constantly look forward to.  I get to curl up on the couch with my new husband, usually with a bowl of ice cream, and watch a great show.  What could be better?


2 thoughts on “Nerdy Newlyweds

  1. Megan
    Great post as always! It’s good that you can have shows that you enjoy together. Jim and I both like some of the same shows. Burn Notice, Royal Pains,and Psych. Yes, Jim is even hooked on Jerseylicious and will tune in on occaision with me on Project Runway! It is fun to hear his opinion on the girls on Jerseylicious and how he commentates the designers wardrobes on Project Runway. You do have hope winning Drew over to these shows as well. It’s also funny sometimes when I call it an early night, Jim will come and ask me what channel is one of these two shows are on! LOL!!
    Drew and you are off to such a wonderful start. We are very proud of you. Love you! April

  2. Megan life is good. I am glad that you two can be passionate about the same things. Makes things go a lot better at home. It is interesting that when I have a passion about stuff in hardware stores and info about Automobiles, April can follow right along. I hope that all continues to go well for the nerdyweds. Have a good week!! Jim

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