Labor Day Weekend

One of the best things about living in a big city like Atlanta is that there is always something going on.  This long Labor Day Weekend was no exception.  All week long, via Twitter and blogs like Creative Loafing, I read about all the events that would be happening this weekend at different points throughout the city.  In a culmination of what has been creatively dubbed Clusterfest 2011: the Georgia vs. Boise State football game, NASCAR, several outdoor book, art, food and music festivals, and the epitome of a nerd convention–Dragon Con, where hundreds of people dress up like characters from their favorite comic books and video games.

Yesterday Drew and I headed to Centennial Park for a fun, relaxing day in the sun.  On our walk to the park, we ran into several of the Dragon Con attendees, clad in fishnets, spandex, face paint and super hero capes.  It was like nothing I’d ever seen before, especially not in my small hometown back in Kentucky.  I wish I had thought to take pictures of all the costumes we saw; I’m sure the Star Trekkers we ran into would have been happy to pose for a photo op.  Some people would no doubt be weirded out by the Halloween-esque costumes that filled the street.  I’d say it gave us a perfect opportunity for people watching.  It’s not everyday you have Battlestar Galactica extras walking with you down the street.


Once we got to the park, Drew and I headed to Googie Burger for a bite to eat.  It’s a fun name to pronounce, even if it doesn’t exactly convey a mouthwatering picture of a tasty lunch.  Drew and I split a large order of fries and a strawberry slushie.  We joked about ordering one of their spiked shakes.  A Twinkie-flavored drink with a splash of vanilla vodka?  Definitely going on my Atlanta bucket list.   Soon after we headed over to the pavilion for a free concert put on by OAR.  What’s better than hearing awesome live music without having to pay for it?  Not much.   We didn’t have ticket to the Georgia game but it was clear that a lot of people were headed that way.  Being immersed in the tailgating atmosphere and seeing hundreds of people dressed in red really took me back to life at Western.  It’s definitely surreal not being back in Bowling Green this fall.  Still, it will be nice living in a city that lives and breathes college football.

We headed to Park Tavern for dinner.  There was a wedding reception going on in the event center above the restaurant and several of the groomsmen actually came downstairs to watch the game.  I have no loyalty to Georgia but I couldn’t help but feel like I was a Bull Dogs fan, cheering for the boys in red with the rest of the restaurant.  Our food was great too.  Drew ordered Bang Bang Shrimp, which was served in a fun oversized martini glass, and I ordered the Mediterranean Hummus tray.  It was a great dinner and we agreed that we’ll definitely have to head back soon.  Apparently whenever it rains, they serve $1 beers.  I think we’ll be checking the weather forecast and the next time it’s supposed to storm, we’ll be paying a visit.  We capped of the night with scoops of ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s over in Virginia Highlands.  All in all, it was a great way to kick off the holiday weekend.


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