Adventures in Apartment Living

Before moving to Atlanta, I’d never before lived in an apartment complex.  While most college students do either their junior or senior year (or both), I actually lived in two different houses with two other roommates.  Sure I got a sneak peek of what apartment living would be like during the two times I visited Drew back in June.  Still, it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I really understood just what I was getting myself into.  Don’t get me wrong: I LOVE where Drew and I live.  We’re in a great location in Midtown and are within walking distance to several awesome restaurants, as well as the Fox Theatre.  Still, there are definitely some things they don’t tell you about or put as an “FYI” in fine print on the lease agreement.

For instance, Drew and I are convinced that we live beneath a family of (or perhaps just one or two) ogres.  We’ve spent countless nights lying awake, staring at the ceiling and listening and Shrek and Fiona stomp around upstairs.  To say they’re heavy-footed would be an understatement; it sounds like a Sumo-wrestling match up there.  It started out randomly, then turned out to be an everyday occurrence; in the early hours of the morning, mid-afternoon, and especially late at night.  Drew joked (kind of) about bribing them to be more courteous neighbors with a plate of cookies.  Since it’s not like we can register a noise complaint (believe me, we’ve checked) we just grin and bare it, and try to ignore it.  A couple weeks from now, however, may be sending Drew upstairs with some chocolate chip cookies as a peace offering.

Another part of apartment living, which a lot of the time is considered a perk, is that you have maintenance staff on-call to take care of the occasional sink leak.  Our refrigerator ice machine was broken so earlier this week, a man stopped by to take a look at it.  I led him to the kitchen, and after opening the freezer, he switched the ice machine lever to the “On” position, then turned around and looked at me like I was a complete moron.  “That should fix your ice machine.”  Hold it, buster, it’s a little more complicated than that.  He ended up sliding the fridge away from the wall and finding that one of the plugs was loose.  Aha!  Thank you very much.

There is a huge perk to our apartment building—literally two doors down in a pretty decently equipped fitness center.  I’ve spent several mornings there since I haven’t quite adapted to running outside in the hot and humid Georgia weather.  It’s quiet in the mornings and I usually have the place to myself for a good portion of my run.  It beats the heck out of a gym membership and keeps us accountable for our running routines.

So far, I really do enjoy the place that Drew and I call home.  It’s conveniently located in a nice part of town, is just the right size square-footage wise, within our price range and the people are generally very friendly.  Who knows what the story is with our upstairs neighbors.  Maybe they have a wrestling ring in their living room, or maybe they just run laps around the kitchen at random times throughout the day.  It comes with the territory of living in an apartment, and just like everything else that comes our way, Drew and I are taking it all in stride.


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