Home is Where the Heart Is

Drew and I had a very interesting dating period.  We were never in the same city, not to mention the same state, during the entire time we dated and throughout the engagement.  When I was still in school in Kentucky, Drew was living and working in Chicago.  The few times I visited him were extremely fun but extremely cold; anyone who knows me knows an ideal day for me is 80 degrees and sunny.  Still, I would be happy to call Chicago my home if that’s where the man I loved was.  I guess God had other plans because earlier this year, Drew found a new job and moved to Atlanta, a.k.a. Hotlanta.  The two cities couldn’t be any different from each other weather-wise.  I didn’t have to tell Drew, and anyone else who asked, how much I loved visiting Atlanta on those two weekends in June.  The city sucked me in from the get-go.  It might have been the company; one night we went to a Mumford an Sons concert at the historical Fox Theatre.  Yet something tells me I could have fun doing absolutely anything in this city; picnicking in Piedmont Park, spending an afternoon strolling around Atlantic Station, attending a Braves game, or paying a visit to the legendary Varsity.  Sure, one could argue that Chicago boasted just as much, if not more, entertainment and adventure, but I could really see myself building a life—and a home—with Drew in Atlanta.

It’s been about a week since I moved into the apartment Drew had been living in for about four months prior to the wedding.  I’m happy to report that we’ve just about settled in; countless boxes have been opened and put away and our kitchen looks like it could host an episode of Iron Chef America with all the new gadgets we got from family and friends as wedding gifts.  It’s easily our favorite room in the apartment.  We can’t wait to invite friends and family over and entertain and cook for them.  Just the two of us, we’ve already had several amazing homemade meals at our kitchen table using the raspberry-colored table settings from our wedding registry.

Drew has hung up several pictures and frames, including a black and white vintage shot of Wrigley Field.  I know he misses Chicago sometimes, and it’s safe to say that we’ll take a trip back every one in a while for a deep-dish pizza fix.  Our apartment is really starting to take shape, and it’s a comfort to see our two tastes and lives mesh together as one.   I promised Drew I wouldn’t completely take over the bedroom closet but I still think he’s a little in shock of just how much stuff a girl can own.  We’re having fun discovering each other’s random quirks and habits-there are definitely new things to be learned when you begin living with each other.

One week in, and I can honestly say it’s already been an adventure.  I met Drew for lunch by his office one day and we ended up being extras in the background of an NFL commercial for the Falcons.  The next night we went to a Braves game after one of his coworkers offered him free tickets.  And I’m sure Drew’s side of the family is proud to know that I’ve already eaten at two Atlanta institutions-Mary Mac’s Tea Room and OK! Café.  I may not have been born and raised a true Southern Belle, but I think Atlanta is going to a be a perfect fit for me, and I for it.


2 thoughts on “Home is Where the Heart Is

  1. Sounds like you are taking in the full flavor of Atlanta. Can’t wait to hear the other adventures you all have. There is a lot to enjoy in the area. Glad to hear that you are both off to such a great start!!!!

  2. Reminds me of projects we tackled when we bought our first place…Don’t forget 2 enjoy the journey; you’ll look back at them someday, and wonder where all the time has gone…

    Your pup is an absolute beauty!

    God bless.

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